About Member First Mortgage

Member First MortgageWalker County Educators Federal Credit Union wants to make your mortgage experience hassle-free, while still delivering great low rates and the personalized service you've come to expect from your Credit Union.

To this end, we have partnered with Member First Mortgage (MFM), a mortgage banking firm. You can depend on MFM to help you with every step of the home loan process, as well as special rates reserved for Credit Union members. Please feel free to contact MFM directly to discuss any part of your application, or obtain closing cost estimates and current interest rates.

Member First Mortgage (MFM) is a full service mortgage banker, fully licensed in the state of Georgia since 1993. Working with your Credit Union, we match your needs with the best loan program for your specific situation, and then walk you through the mortgage process, handling all the paperwork.

Each step of the way, Member First Mortgage provides superior customer service. You see it begin with the Application process - on-line or traditional form, whichever you prefer. You see it in the advice you receive during the appraisal process and at lock-in time. Closings are scheduled at your convenience, not ours. And you can be confident that you will sit at the closing table with an accurate settlement statement that passed our extensive review process. All this with some of the best rates you can find anywhere!


Member First Mortgage is a Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee (License #35424). It is our policy to make credit equally available to all qualified applicants to comply with Federal and State Fair Lending Laws. We are fully committed to treating all applicants fairly and equally without regard to any prohibited basis.